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CROMOX Chains for the Chemical Industry

In an impregnating plant bundled wooden beams and rods were let down in basins by means of a galvanised wire rope suspension gear and after the treatment they were lifted up again.

The impregnating liquid protects the wood excellently from decay.

However, the galvanised suspension gear, which consists of the rope, suspension elements and the hook, corrodes extremely within a short time only. Therefore, they often had to be replaced. The galvanisation was not resistant to the aggressive liquid.

This resulted in high expenses for tests and for the replacement of the suspension gear. Furthermore, the facility had to be shut down each time and afterwards started again.

Our solution: we suggested the rope manufacturer to replace the galvanised suspension gear by a stainless steel design. Immediately CROMOX suspension elements and eyehooks were moulded in the NIRO ropes and supplied to the impregnating plant.

The solution has been met with enthusiasm since the downtime of the facility was considerably decreased. The slightly higher costs for the new solution quickly amortised as the facility runs much more successful now.


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