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Wälder-Ketten in Action: Industry Chains

A big European pump manufacturer was confronted with a challenge. He was to design an oversized water pump, which was intended for the use in a shaft filled with aggressive liquid. The pump had to be adjustable in height and removable. After having designed the special pump another problem arouse: how to lift the heavy device, which weighed 6 tons, with four-fold safety up and down in this aggressive surrounding? By rope or chain? Stainless steel or standard lifting devices? The engineers of the pump manufacturer opted for the CROMOX Niro pump chain from Ketten Wälder. With the CROMOX pump chain all requirements were fulfilled. The customer can even select the desired fittings and possibilities of shortening individually with CROMOX chains.

Thieves stole the chains from a sluice for the lifting of the lock gates. The operator of the facility wanted to play safe in the future and protected the entire premises against unwanted trespassers. At the same time the chains had to be replaced. Instead of standard chains, now corrosion-resistant CROMOX chains from Ketten Wälder were used.

Road salt is very aggressive and in the course of time it destroys metallic materials. order to protect concrete roadsides from sliding down, they were to be be fixed with tie bolts. The margin planks and tie bolts were to be linked with chains. However, blank or galvanised chains corrode very quickly, above all if they rub on the ground or if the surface is rubbed off. The dealer, who was to provide the mounting components, recognised clearly: the chains had to be made of stainless steel and firmly linked with the tie bolts. True to the motto: "Stainless steel means Ketten Wälder" he immediately gave us a call and the problem was solved.

Industry chains, securing cargo in the freight compartment, fixing of cargo

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