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Wälder Chains in Action: Environmental Technology

Oil pollution is most certainly one of the big ecological threats of our time. Oil containment can prevent severe effects on the sea, on people, and on animals. But every hour counts. The more time the rescue teams take, the worse are the consequences for the environment.

In such a situation, German oil retention equipment involving chains made by Ketten Wälder was used. A freighter had sunk off the Croatian coast, and large quantities of crude oil had escaped. German experts had already started to fight against the spreading of the pollution. The problem: There were no sufficiently long, correctly tared and corrosion-resistant chains available. For due to an adverse current there was a danger that the oil film might become very long. The solution: Wälder stainless steel chains, made of the right material and in the right length, were sent from Bad Endorf to Croatia by direct transport. The Result: Thanks to the perfect cooperation of everyone involved, it was possible to prevent large-scale pollution – although it was a very close call.

Environmental technology, stainless steel chains, corrosion-resistant chains

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