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Quality Made in Germany – Development

The development of our products is focused on safety and user orientation. This means that in the development of new chains and accessories such as snap hooks, shackles or swivels, we first consider what they are intended to be used for. We use our knowledge and experience to develop existing solutions further, or we make up something completely new. In doing so, we do not forget to look to the future: Our current range already now includes products that will just as well be up to date tomorrow – able to meet new requirements for special applications.

It goes without saying that our products comply with all relevant German and European standards. But that was not good enough for us. For, on the one hand, the new directives give users of chains a lot of liberty. In the event of an accident, however, both users and manufacturers will very quickly find themselves held liable. We prevent this from happening by anticipating all and any possible events as we develop our products. This is our guarantee for you that our products incorporate a maximum of quality and safety.

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